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Save the wild life

At Panda Tea®, we believe having an entrepreneurial spirit can contribute to preserving our natural environment. We are aware of the necessity for our company to be environmentally responsible and of your preference for an eco-friendly society. Acting in accordance with your values and the ones of our brand is of utmost importance for us.

The list of endangered species is growing every day because of the destruction of their natural habitat. Koalas, Jaguars, Whales, Tigers, Gorillas, … All those wonderful species we grew up with will probably disappear in the next decades and become animals from the past. It’s high time to take action!

Why the Panda?

We didn’t chose randomly the Panda as the emblem of our brand. It represents gentleness, determination and harmony with nature all at once. It is the ideal sidekick to cheer you on during your Panda Challenge.

Furthermore, the story of the panda species is a story of perseverance: in September 2016, the Giant Panda exited the global list of species at risk of extinction, demonstrating how an integrated approach to conservation can help save our planet’s vanishing biodiversity.

Working side by side with you, we want to encourage eco-friendly projects and initiate new ones. That’s why we decided to give 1€ to protect endangered species and our planet for each “Panda Challenge” picture posted on Instagram.* 

It's simple. Follow the steps below:

Post a pic'

As soon as your Panda Challenge is delivered to your home, take a picture with it when starting your challenge. Selfies, tea cups, snaps… Be creative!

Instagram it

Post the picture on your instagram using the hashtag #pandatea and @pandateatox in your caption. Send us your an email or a private message on instagram (@pandateatox).

Join the Panda Team

And there you go! You’re part of the Panda Babes crew. Thanks to you, 1€ will be given to an association preserving our natural environment. 

With our Detox Challenge, get back on track and promote an eco-friendly lifestyle at the same tame. We count on you to join the Panda Team!

* Limit of 1€ per Panda Challenge.