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About us

After having tried all the diets you can find on the internet, the problem is always the same: the lack of time, of motivation and above all… of results. Your goals: jogging every morning, princess meals every noon and the same body as Miranda Kerr to go out every night. The reality: you prefer your couch to the morning footing, the “snooze” button of your alarm clock is your best friend and you can’t hold a diet for more than 3 days.

Join the Panda Team

To resolve all those issues, Panda Tea created the challenge you need. The Panda Detox Challenge is a simple and efficient tea-based cure that doesn’t require you to change your eating habits. Our products only contain organic ingredients carefully chosen by health experts in order to make achieving your body goals much easier.

Our Values

Made in France

The ingredients used in our tea blends are designed to improve your physical and emotional well-being. Formulated for quality and effectiveness, our blends are the results of medical knowledge and the French traditional know-how: 100% pure and organic, hand-stitched cotton teabags and a perfect balance between flavours.

Medical Expertise

To insure you an incredible experience and to optimize your result, a full time dedicated team lead by our Pharmacist is available at any time to answer to your personal health questions. To contact our team, you just have to write us an email or directly a private message on instagram (@pandateatox). 


At Panda Tea®, we believe having an entrepreneurial spirit can contribute to preserving our natural environment. The list of endangered species is growing every day because of the destruction of their natural habitat. Koalas, Jaguars, Whales, Tigers, Gorillas, … Panda Tea actively participates to projects in nature conservation. Read more here.